Hey, I'm Shreddie and quite simply I have a passion for making noise.

I started out with keyboards at the age of four after pestering my parents for one. When I was eleven I got my first synth, a Yamaha PSS-480. It 's only really a home keyboard but it has a number of editable parameters in its 2-op FM engine. By modern standards it sounds pretty poor on its own but put it through a couple of effects and it sounds fantastic, it still gets used 21 years on. A year after that I got an Atari ST and started sequencing, another year on I started sampling with the Atari.

Many years down the line (and after a flirtation with heavy metal and bass guitars that continues to this day) I went back to my electronic roots and bought a Yamaha EX7, a truly powerful synthesiser. Soon I started to suffer some seroius gearlust. Over the years that followed I bought several other synthesisers, all of which I consider to be among the best in their specific forms of synthesis. They are (in order of purchase) a Yamaha FS1R (FM), an Alesis Fusion 8HD (multiple forms of synthesis and shockingly powerful), a Kawai K5000s (Additive synthesis) and shortly after that, an Alesis A6 Andromeda, the analogue dream machine.

Since buying the Andromeda and the K5000s, my gearlust has subsided somewhat, they are both so powerful and take up so much of my time that I don't feel the need for anymore synths for a while, although I did buy a couple of Stylophones!

I've always had an interest in sound design and have done it for myself for years but now I feel it's time to start sharing some of my sounds and some of my knowlege. However, as a full time inspector for Her Majesty's Royal arse inspectorate (Buttock division), my posts are likely to be sporadic at best. But nevertheless, Enjoy!


Me, drunk, late one night, inspecing an arse of the highest standard, hence the smile.

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